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Are You Ready to Report 99024 for Global Post-Op Visits?

Below is a checklist to confirm your readiness to report.

  • Step One: Verify Participation, Review Mandated States and Practice Size Parameters

    Practices that have 10 or more clinicians (based on your Tax ID) who practice in the nine affected states are required to report. If your practice is smaller than 10 clinicians, you are not required to report but are still encouraged to do so.

    States: Florida, Kentucky, Louisiana, Nevada, New Jersey, North Dakota, Ohio, Oregon, and Rhode Island

  • Step Two: Review the list of Specified Procedures and Identify CPT Codes Billed by your Office

    Click here for a complete list of the 293 procedures required to follow new reporting guidelines and cross check them with CPT codes that are being billed by your office.

  • Step Three: Develop a Standard Operating Procedure for Identifying & Reporting Post-Op Visits

  • Step Four: Verify Your Software Capabilities

    Check your Practice Management Software and Claims Submission Software to validate the acceptance of zero dollar claims or any needed workarounds such as submitting claims with a $0.01 charge for each post-op visit.

  • Step Five: It's Time to Submit a Claim!

    Submit claims for post-op visits related to surgeries performed after July 1, 2017.

  • Step Six: Develop an Audit Process to Validate Submissions

    It is important to develop an audit process in your practice to confirm that your submissions for post op encounters are being submitted properly.

  • Step Seven: Participate in Feedback Loop with Medicare Administrative Contractors

    Be sure to review remittance advices and validate information and make any necessary accounting adjustments. If asked, please complete surveys and provide feedback and share suggestions through Open Door meetings if allowed.