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Membership Process

ASPS has a formal membership process which requires an application, letters of sponsorship, board certification, adherence to ethical standards, commitment to continuing education and more. International applicants must provide acknowledgment that they are members of their national society.

Once an application is received, the information is fully reviewed and vetted. Sponsor letters are reviewed and checked. Board certification is verified. Where applicable, national society letters are reviewed and verified. Applicants are placed on a preliminary ballot for review by members of ASPS. Any concerns raised on an individual applicant are investigated by the Membership Committee. The preliminary ballot is then sent to the ASPS Board of Directors for voting into membership.

Below is an overview of the membership process.

The ASPS Membership Process

Application Submitted
  • Application materials are vetted
  • Applicant's name is placed on the preliminary ballot
Preliminary Ballot Posted
  • ASPS members may review the list of applicants and submit concerns on applicants. All concerns are investigated by the Membership Committee.
Final Ballot
  • The final ballot is submitted to the ASPS Board of Directors for Approval.
Board Approval
  • The applicants on the final ballot are voted into membership. Applicants are notified via email and postal mail of their acceptance to ASPS.
Ballot Dates
voted into Membership
Applicant Materials Due
January November
March January
July May
October August

The new ASPS dashboard is personalized to each applicant and member. Applicants may check on their status, as well as identify the materials that are still needed to complete their application, by looking on their ASPS dashboard, or by contacting ASPS's Member Services.

All applicants for active membership (US and Canada) must serve as a candidate for a minimum of one year.