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10 things to know about permanent hair removal

It's not too early to start planning for summer! Laser hair removal 对于男性和女性来说,去除多余的毛发是一种非侵入性的选择吗. 刮胡子和打蜡不仅耗时,而且可能会刺激你的皮肤,引起肿块, redness and in-grown hairs. 激光可以用来集中光能,选择性地瞄准毛囊,防止再生. In 2017, ASPS statistics 激光脱毛手术在整形外科医生中进行了超过100万次. What should you know about this popular procedure?

Be patient, it takes more than one treatment

成功脱毛通常需要4-8次单独的治疗,间隔3-6周. Because all of your hair follicles have different growth cycles, treatments should be regularly scheduled to get a full result. 2-3次后,你应该会看到头发的生长明显减少. 每年需要保养治疗一到两次并不罕见,因为波动的荷尔蒙会导致一些头发重新长出来.

Laser hair removal works best with darker hair

Because lasers target pigment or color in the hair follicles, 金发或白发对永久脱毛的反应可能不太好. Skin color plays a role in the specific laser that is selected, and modern, 复杂的激光可以给那些使用打火机的人带来良好的效果, finer hair.

It's not that painful

Laser energy converts to heat, which damages the hair follicle. Many newer lasers have a cooling mechanism. You may feel a quick, sharp pain in more sensitive areas such as the face, but it's totally tolerable.

Side effects are mild and temporary

可能的副作用包括毛囊周围轻微肿胀, slight redness, 深色皮肤的人暂时的皮肤刺激和色素变化. A cool compress or ice pack will help skin irritation. 选择合适的激光器可以避免许多副作用.

Stay out of the sun

而你应该一直保护你的皮肤,避免过度暴露在阳光下, 尤其重要的是要避免日光浴或日光浴床周围的每次激光治疗. You must lather on sunscreen after each treatment. 因此,秋冬季是激光脱毛的最佳时机.

Make sure you are not taking restricted medications

一些化学物质会使你的皮肤对激光照射更加敏感,导致色素沉着异常,甚至烧伤. Before your first appointment, be sure to check your complete medication list including antibiotics, topical solutions and birth control pills.

Don't wax before your first appointment

医生会在第一次治疗前几小时指导您刮胡子, 但要确保你没有拔毛或打蜡,因为激光需要瞄准毛囊内的色素.

It's really quick

根据皮肤面积的大小和皮肤类型,大多数治疗过程持续几分钟到一个小时. 你可以马上回去工作,但每次治疗后不要使用香水和除臭剂.

Don't settle on any laser practitioner

关于谁可以操作脱毛激光以及适当的监管水平,法规各不相同. 重要的是选择一个有激光技术经验的委员会认证的医生,以减少色素变化的风险, scarring and burning.

Total cost depends on treatment size

许多诊所现在提供针对特定部位的治疗方案,对于超大部位的治疗费用将是最高的,比如整条腿和全巴西腿. 平均费用将根据会话的数量、您居住的地方和其他因素而变化.

Permanent hair removal is definitely an investment, 但是你将不再需要花费时间和金钱来刮掉你身体的某个部位. 在一些对你自信有益的事情上投资是非常重要的, 激光脱毛是一种安全有效的方法来达到你的目标.

有关您所在社区的ASPS整形外科医生名单,请使用十大网赌排行榜的 Find a Plastic Surgeon tool. 咨询一个委员会认证或合格的整形医生,可以确定你是否是一个好的候选人永久脱毛,并选择哪种激光最适合你的皮肤和头发类型.



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