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Getting the best results from nonsurgical body contouring

nonsurgical body contouring results

Sculpted hips, shapely abs and toned thighs – most people want them, but not everyone can achieve them naturally. 严格的饮食和锻炼制度只能解决顽固的脂肪层. That is where nonsurgical body contouring comes in.

非手术身体轮廓程序帮助苗条和平滑您的身材没有 liposuction and other surgical contouring. This means there is little to no recovery time, 不需要全身麻醉,而且治疗通常更便宜. 但这并不意味着你应该用完并安排你的VelaShape™III或UltraShape®Power程序.

Looking at the benefits


  • Results that develop steadily over time, 让你的外表让周围的人感到自然
  • Short treatment sessions that typically take less than an hour, allowing to fit into even a busy schedule
  • 最小限度的恢复,让你继续工作和其他责任
  • 有限的侵入性,这可以安慰那些被外科手术的想法
  • Little to no pain experienced, 尽管这取决于所选择的治疗方法和个人的敏感性

However, there are downsides to nonsurgical body contouring, 最大的好处也是好处之一——结果需要时间来发展. While this offers more natural progress, sometimes, you just want the instant change that surgery offers. 此外,去除脂肪的量比抽脂更有限. If these aspects matter to you, 非手术整形和抽脂可能是更好的选择.

Best candidates for nonsurgical body contouring

Not everyone is suited for nonsurgical contouring procedures. Some patients might benefit more from surgical procedures, 而另一些人在真正受益于任何形式的形体塑形之前还有很多工作要做. 有几个关键的指标,你是一个好的或最好的候选人非手术身体轮廓.

You are at or near your ideal weight

非手术整形的最佳情况是达到理想的体重. 这是因为体重的减少和增加可能会导致维持手术结果的问题. However, as long as the individual is within 20 pounds of their goal weight, their results should be satisfactory.

Your skin is firm or slightly loose

许多寻求非手术整形的人没有那么多顽固的脂肪口袋,而是有多余的皮肤, which can produce a similar appearance. Not all nonsurgical body contouring options can tighten loose skin; however, some do. 重要的是,您与您的供应商选择正确的选项,根据您的皮肤松弛. 只要记住,中度到严重的过度皮肤必须通过手术解决.

You are approaching the procedure with an open mind

Nonsurgical body contouring can be life-changing for many, 但结果发展缓慢,不像手术那么极端. 此外,有些人需要不止一次的会议来获得他们想要的结果. 如果您对各种可能性持开放态度,并准备好与您的提供商合作, you should come away from the experience feeling positive.

Getting the most out of nonsurgical contouring

如果结果是非手术身体轮廓是你的正确选择, you want to take steps to get the most out of your procedure. 对于大多数客户来说,有四个因素对他们的结果影响最大.

Committing to a healthy lifestyle

非手术整形的目的是解决饮食和锻炼对身体不好的问题. 这意味着你需要在手术前做好你的部分,并且在手术后保持你的健康生活方式. 否则,你将失去你的轮廓程序提供的收益.

Waiting until they are done having children

Pregnancy has a major impact on your body, 它可能会抵消非手术身体轮廓手术的结果. 而怀孕后复查并没有什么错, opting to wait will ensure the best results from a single procedure.

Avoid UV rays

因为这些手术可以帮助解决皮肤问题以及多余的脂肪, maintaining results means treating your skin properly. In addition to staying hydrated and moisturizing, it is essential that you protect your skin from UV rays.

Form Healthy Habits

Diet and exercise are important, 但它们并不是唯一能影响你的长期结果的习惯. Drinking, 吸烟和摄入其他物质会对你的新陈代谢产生负面影响, skin tone and more. Make healthy decisions overall to get the best results.



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