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What to do if your Botox gets "botched"

埃里克·R. Mariotti, MD | Concord, CA 2022年7月21日,星期四

What can you do to fix a botched injectable treatment, and is there any way to prevent being unhappy with your results in the first place?

Med spa treatments to consider if your plastic surgeon is booked

Brian Kobienia医学博士|普利茅斯,MN 2022年5月20日,星期五

With an increased demand for surgical facial procedures, many board-certified plastic surgeons find their surgical schedule completely booked out for several months. People looking for a quicker fix for signs of aging can and should consider nonsurgical aesthetic treatments.

Brotox: What is it and why is it popular?

Shahram Salemy, MD, FACS | Seattle, WA 2022年3月23日,星期三

化妆品 procedures aren't just for women anymore. 更多的 men are now turning to Botox to help boost their confidence, sex lives and careers.

How to put your best face forward when the age of Zoom ends

大卫L. 考夫曼医学博士|福尔松,加利福尼亚州 2021年12月1日,星期三

Zoom meetings and Slack chats have certainly taken over the workplace in the last year or two, but we are finally starting to see a gradual shift back to the office and in-person meetings. 虽然这对一些人来说是个好消息, others of us may feel that their appearance could use a little pick-me-up after staring at themselves on Zoom for so long.

How working from home is fueling a desire for facial plastic surgery

了J. 戴维斯医学博士|福尔松,加利福尼亚州 2021年10月7日,星期四

Since the pandemic began and people started working from home rather than the office, there has been a sharp increase in individuals seeking facial cosmetic procedures. This includes both med spa options and plastic surgery.

If you start injectables young, can you prevent aging?

Eric Chang医学博士|哥伦比亚医学博士 2021年9月22日,星期三

年轻的千禧一代, 甚至是Z世代的老成员, are looking to be proactive and prevent aging from ever occurring.


Shahram Salemy, MD, FACS | Seattle, WA 2021年6月29日,星期二

Botox is a cosmetic form of botulinum toxin, 或者叫嗜肉毒杆菌毒素A, a neurotoxin that is used to "freeze" muscles. These injections serve to give your face a smoother, younger appearance.

Botox to the jawline – what you need to know

阿什利·阿马尔菲,医学博士|,纽约州罗切斯特 2021年1月19日,星期二

A sharp jawline can give a face the structure it needs and help you look strong and healthy. And in the world of selfies and social media, we are spending more time analyzing our facial structure and improving our appearance.

Beat the "Zoom gloom" and touch up your appearance for the holidays

米歇尔·舍马克医学博士|卢瑟维尔医学博士 2020年12月15日,星期二

戴着面具躲了好几个月, wearing athleisure clothing and maintaining a relatively isolated existence, here is hoping that the holiday time will provide a reason to put on your best face and finally pull some nicer clothing out of the closet!

Ten things people can do to maintain their youth

Manish Shah, MD |丹佛,CO 2020年8月5日,星期三

The word "prejuvenation" is new to most people. It basically refers to things we can do for ourselves when we are young to maintain our youth.

How to maintain injectable results while under quarantine

Josef Hadeed, MD, FACS | Beverly Hills, CA 2020年4月14日,星期二

How is it possible to maintain the results of your most recent injectable treatment while being under quarantine?

How can you get injectables without looking overdone?

小保罗·维提纳斯.,休斯顿,德克萨斯州 2020年3月6日,星期五

How can you get an injectable without the worry of looking fake, frozen or just plain overdone? Get started by doing your homework and making a plan.

What's behind the cost of Botox and injectable fillers?

Eric Mariotti, MD | Concord, CA 2019年12月6日,星期五

The price of popular cosmetic treatments like Botox and dermal fillers is a factor that many people take into consideration before booking their appointment.


Smita Ramanadham, MD | West Orange, NJ 2019年11月12日,星期二

十大网赌排行榜不希望肉毒杆菌素永远存在吗? 不幸的是,事实并非如此. In general, Botox lasts 3-4 months, but every patient is different.

Taking the mystery out of Botox and dermal fillers

Eric Chang医学博士|哥伦比亚医学博士 2019年10月4日,星期五

According to the latest plastic surgery statistics report from the 美国整形外科学会, 大约有7个.4 million injections of botulinum toxin (Botox) and 2.6 million dermal filler injections in 2018.

Four noninvasive cosmetic treatments customized for men

李·丹尼尔,医学博士|尤金,手术室 2019年3月22日,星期五

As noninvasive cosmetic treatments continue to grow in popularity, so has their demand among men. Theses procedures can offer wonderful results, little downtime and affordable costs.


罗伊·金,医学博士|旧金山,加州 2018年11月2日,星期五

Ever noticed that having a sharp, defined jawline is a sign of health, fitness and youth? At any age, a well-defined jaw helps show off a more youthful you.

Facial rejuvenation procedures should be customized for each patient

Stephen Chidyllo, MD, DDS, FACS | West Long Branch, NJ 2018年8月10日,星期五

The term "facial rejuvenation" can be applied to many popular procedures, and it's important to understand which procedure is right for you and your goals.

Five minimally invasive treatments to look your best this summer

李·丹尼尔,医学博士|尤金,手术室 2018年7月20日,星期五

Take advantage of the summer months to stock up on some of these great minimally invasive skin and body treatments so you can look and feel your best while the weather is at its most gorgeous!

Botox injections can alleviate chronic migraine headaches

Josef Hadeed, MD, FACS | Beverly Hills, CA 2018年4月3日,星期二

In recent years, the use of Botox has been expanding. In 2010, the FDA officially approved the use of Botox to treat chronic migraine headaches, which is defined as having a headache 15 or more days a month.

Facial rejuvenation treatments that are right for you

罗德·罗赫里奇,医学博士,FACS |达拉斯,得克萨斯州 2018年3月16日,星期五

How do you know whether facial rejuvenation is right for you? What are your options for facial rejuvenation?

What does an FDA approval mean for cosmetic treatments and devices?

Terence Myckatyn医学博士| St. 路易斯,莫 2018年2月27日,星期二

美国.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulates cosmetics and medical devices, which covers the bulk of what is available at a typical plastic surgery office.

拉皮或肉毒杆菌? 哪一个适合你?

坦利·劳顿医学博士|新港比奇,加州 2017年11月3日,星期五

Every face tells a story — but for some people, unwanted lines and wrinkles turn it into one they’re reluctant to share with the world.

化妆品 procedures to get a summer body fast

Kent Higdon,医学博士 & 克里斯托弗·托金医学博士|纳什维尔,田纳西州 2017年7月6日,星期四

While the more invasive procedures may involve too much downtime to get you back out there before the end of summer, there are still things your plastic surgeon can do for you to help you feel comfortable and confident.

The top five procedures to help you look your best for the holidays

小保罗·维提纳斯.,休斯顿,德克萨斯州 2016年11月1日,星期二

Who doesn't want to look fabulous during the holidays? The problem is, a refreshed and rejuvenated appearance takes time and planning. 现在那个夏天已经过去了, it is the time to make an appointment with your board-certified plastic surgeon.


塔里克·斯迈利,医学博士|比弗利山庄,加州 2016年5月25日,星期三

Botox around eyes can smooth out the wrinkles, although it must be repeated four to six months to maintain the rejuvenated look. This treatment is an ideal option for patients who want to avoid 眼皮手术 that results in downtime.


安妮塔·帕特尔,医学博士|,加利福尼亚州比佛利山庄 2015年10月27日,星期二

Couples plastic surgery has never been more in. Discover which cosmetic procedures are recommended for couples as they age.

2013 stats reveal advances in plastic surgery driving growth

David Reath医学博士|诺克斯维尔,田纳西州 2014年3月26日,星期三

Our number one cosmetic procedure was breast augmentation, followed by rhinoplasty (nose reshaping), 眼皮手术, 抽脂和拉皮.

The increasing popularity of nonsurgical facial rejuvenation

约翰·亚历山大二世,医学博士|圣地亚哥,加州 2013年12月12日,星期四

根据美国科学院的统计数据, Botox was the number one nonsurgical procedure performed in the United States last year. With over six million injections performed in the U.S. in 2012, there were actually far more appointments booked for this noninvasive rejuvenation option compared to the more than 120,同年进行了000例整容手术.


Jeffrey Weinzweig,医学博士|芝加哥,伊利诺伊州 2013年11月6日,星期三

商店ping malls and airports aren't the only places that see more action around the holidays. This is also the time of year that merry-makers crowd the offices of plastic surgeons everywhere.

Is there real science behind the latest beauty fads?

David Sayah,医学博士|,加利福尼亚州比佛利山庄 2013年10月30日,星期三

从时间的黎明, men and women have tried a number of products and treatments to either fit in with the existing beauty trends or improve their appearance. In the modern day, plastic surgery is the standard approach for looking your best. Yet, that hasn’t stopped a few new and odd-sounding options from springing up here and there. Could there be any real science behind these bizarre beauty treatments?

ASPS Annual Statistics: Plastic Surgery in 2012

David Reath医学博士|诺克斯维尔,田纳西州 2013年2月19日,星期二

每年, the 美国整形外科学会 releases statistics about the number and variety of plastic surgery procedures that were performed in the previous year. This is a bit of a "state of the field" for plastic surgery.


Jaffer Khan, MD | Dubai, United Arab Emirates 2013年1月15日,星期二

Everywhere you turn, it seems as though someone is getting Botox. In fact, it is by far the most popular minimally-invasive cosmetic procedure. Botox stops muscle movement and thus cause a relaxation and disappearance of the skin creases.



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