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ARLINGTON HEIGHTS, IL – The American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS)是世界上最大的整形外科组织,领导着该专业的医疗专业人员制定他们的康复计划. As plastic surgeons prepare to resume elective procedures, ASPS is providing its nearly 8,000 members essential tools and resources, 包括一个全面的剧本,增强了病人和工作人员的安全协议. 该协会还组织了个人防护装备的获取,以帮助顺利推进, safe returns.


美国整形外科学会(ASPS)最近评估了新冠肺炎疫情后美国人对整形手术的看法, analyzing responses from more than 1,000 consumers in a national survey fielded by market research firm Quester, 洞察消费者对产品类别和顶级治疗的感受. The results demonstrate that, during the pandemic, 没有做过整形手术的人中,有49%的人表示,他们愿意在未来接受整形或再造治疗. Of those, 28% would consider a first-time cosmetic procedure. Those who had previous procedures reported improved overall confidence, 29%的受访者表示需要特殊治疗,如鼻整形, face lifts and breast augmentation – are top of mind for them.


因为新的和现有的病人仍然有兴趣回到整形医生的办公室, ASPS在全国范围内挑选了一个具有代表性的会员团体,为会员们制定重新开业战略时起草考虑事项.

In consultation with local, regional and national public health authorities, recommendations include:

  • Knowing the up-to-date statistics in your community
  • Reviewing patient flow plans that allow for social distancing
  • Availability of COVID-19 testing in your area
  • Reassessing cleaning protocols and daily sterilization of offices
  • Evaluating access to anesthesia supplies and personal protective equipment
  • Spending adequate time to educate staff
  • 了解你的办公室或门诊手术中心的转院选择

患者也可以期待在他们的下一次亲诊中得到更安全的治疗方案, 包括综合采取这些措施,以降低病毒传播风险:

  • 开展远程保健/虚拟会面,以准备或替代当面访问
  • 评估哪些服务将在开业时提供,哪些服务将推迟到较晚的日期(e.g., those that require a patient to remove a facial mask)
  • Use of online patient portals, electronic communication, mail, or fax to complete registration and other paperwork prior to in-office arrival
  • Screenings, including temperature checks and symptom questionnaires on site
  • Patients wearing masks and waiting offsite before entering
  • 错开时间安排,以适应逐渐减少候诊室的趋势
  • 医生佩戴N95或其他FDA/NiOSH批准的口罩和护眼/面罩
  • 确定设施内所有高接触区域,并安排全天的频繁清洁

“十大网赌排行榜在ASPS的目标是掌握公众和整形外科医生关于美容和重建整形手术的所有信息和问题. Through our members, our organization continues to be a thought leader for the specialty," said ASPS President Lynn Jeffers, MD, MBA, FACS.

"ASPS is proud to assist our members in getting back to their practices, and prioritizing the safety of patients, plastic surgeons, and their staff," added Dr. Jeffers. “十大网赌排行榜鼓励患者与ASPS成员整形外科医生讨论问题,他们致力于在十大网赌排行榜增加就诊和手术时制定卓越和安全的标准。."


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The American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS)是世界上最大的经认证的整形外科医生组织. Representing more than 7,000 physician members, 该协会被公认为美容和重建整形外科的主要权威和信息来源. ASPS拥有超过94%的美国委员会认证的整形外科医生. Founded in 1931, 该协会代表由美国整形外科委员会或加拿大皇家外科医师学院认证的医生.

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